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Cognition24 is an independent Salesforce consultancy specialising in implementation, ERP integration and Managed Services. 

In a world of accelerating change, incessant demands and exponential data growth, it’s often hard to focus on the big picture, let alone manage the details.  At Cognition24 we’ll work by your side to give you honest, reliable advice and support to help you make faster, smarter, data-powered decisions right across the spectrum.

Whatever your role, whatever your business, our passion is to make your working life easier by moving data to the heart of your business, saving you time, saving you money – and allowing you to truly put your customers first for everything you do.  Because if your customers are happy, so are we.

How we do it


No matter where you are on your Salesforce journey, we’ve almost certainly delivered a similar solution.  Whether you are evaluating Salesforce or are an experienced team in need of additional support, we can assist your existing team or fully manage the project. We have the resources, skills, and knowledge to maximise your investment.

ERP Integration

Salesforce has the power to offer a single view of the customer, bringing Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Marketing and HR functions seamlessly together into a single platform. With our ERP background, we have the expertise and the experience to deliver a fully functional ERP solution for a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Managed Services

Salesforce is continually evolving and we understand better than most that this brings certain challenges. Keeping up to date with improvements, enhancements and changes can feel like a full-time job. We’ll manage your environment and if required, any connected applications. This gives you peace of mind with a transparent and manageable expense.

Change Management

We provide an end-to-end change management consultancy for the delivery of Salesforce; including people, culture and organisational change. In many cases, communication surrounding system roll out is an area overlooked by many businesses, so our experienced team will work alongside your people so they are ready and open to change.

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