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Change Leadership and Management Consultancy

Change leadership and management consultancy

Working with our partners Teleios, we help leaders and organisations navigate the continuous stream of choices that face them. Our focus on change and transformation helps customers shift effectively to their intended goal, minimising disruption and unnecessary cost.

For the past two decades we’ve worked with international customers from corporations through to SMEs, supporting over 30 central government departments and local authorities as well as a range of not-for-profit enterprises.

Here at Cognition24, we’ve seen that leading change successfully is often the difference between project success and project failure. Adoption is critical to project success, and effective change leadership drives maximum adoption. Our partnership with Teleios reinforces our beliefs and brings a tried and tested change methodology to our existing practice.

Andy Nellis, Managing Director stated, “We’re extremely excited by our strategic partnership with Teleios. Our customers will know that focusing on people and how they view and adopt technology has long been a cornerstone of the way we work. Partnering with Teleios strengthens our capability in helping organisations embrace change. It sends a clear message that we are committed to ensuring success for our customers and their people, in turn helping them to put their customers at the heart of everything they do.”

Cognition24's ability to innovate allows us to provide first class solutions to your business issues.

Our customers nearly always come to us with a business or organisational need that isn’t neatly defined or packaged.  In fact, sometimes the explanation of the challenge is just plain messy.  Our job is to work in partnership with them to define and understand the......

By Tim Chisnall, Commercial Director I’ve seen many hideous sights since I’ve been working in consultancy. Office parties are often the most upsetting. Or possibly the mornings after the office parties. (Who knew anyone could do so much damage with a stapler?) But the worst......